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Have you been thinking about getting your medical marijuana card?

Then you need to be certified by a physician.

It’s the first step in applying for medical marijuana in Missouri.

But, if you’re like most people, you’ve probably put off getting your card to avoid  a trip to the doctor, or your doctor is unable to write certifications.

That's Why We Offer Virtual Certification

In the time it takes to watch your favorite Netflix show, you can receive physician certification for medical marijuana.

And you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Get certified and you’re on your way to legally…

Possess and consume marijuana
Grow for your own consumption (additional license required)
Use up to 4 oz per month

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After being qualified by one of our physicians, receive the required Physicians Certification Form.

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62,646 citizens are now legal patients in Missouri.

So what are you waiting for?

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Columbia, Missouri Medical Marijuana Doctors –Qualified, Experts and Trusted

Marijuana Card Clinic Columba, Missouri is established to provide high-quality cannabis-based health and wellness solutions. We make getting your medical marijuana card in Missouri quick and easy. Medical marijuana card services Columbia MO strongly believe that no patient should be denied the medicine they require. Our Quality, expert and trusted doctors are ready to help you access marijuana legally as a marijuana patient Missouri. We will assist you throughout the process ending with receiving your Missouri Marijuana Card.

How To Get Your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card

Step 1: Book An Appointment

The first step in getting your Missouri medical marijuana Card is to book an appointment with our service to meet certified marijuana doctors Missouri. Provide basic medical history and book your appointment with Missouri medical marijuana’s doctors if your medical condition is already diagnosed. Get in touch with our green clinic Missouri, our team is eagerly waiting to help you get a consultation date.

Step 2: Get Evaluated and Certified

Consult Missouri medical Marijuana’s doctors for 15-20 minutes in a stress-free environment to evaluate your ailments. During this time, you can ask any apprehensions about legal medical marijuana card in Missouri and the treatment. At the end of your consultation, the doctor will fill up a recommendation form for MO medical Marijuana and approve you. Now you can apply for Medical Marijuana card Missouri.

Step 3: Submit Your Application to the State

Once you get the approval from the certified marijuana doctors Missouri, you can submit the application for medical marijuana MO to the state. After the necessary evaluations, the state will approve your application for a medical marijuana card in Missouri. Once you receive your card, you can start purchasing from Missouri dispensaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical marijuana MO is not available to everyone. To obtain it, you should have crossed 18 years of age, a legal resident of Missouri and should have one of the qualifying conditions set by The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Marijuana Card Clinic has highly qualified doctors whom you can approach for physician’s certification for your qualifying conditions. This certification will qualify you to apply for a Missouri Marijuana card. Once you obtain the card, you can buy Missouri cannabis within the state.

To be able to buy medical marijuana, you need to obtain a marijuana card with the help of Marijuana card clinic Columbia, Missouri. Marijuana’s Patient Missouri can buy medical marijuana using their medical marijuanas card in Missouri.

Patients with a cultivation license issued by the state may grow a limited number of plants for their own personal consumption.

Missouri DHSS has provided the license to some of the dispensaries and you can obtain medical marijuana from there.

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