We Certify New and Renewing Patients for
Medical Marijuana

Have you been thinking about getting your medical marijuana card?

Then you need to be certified by a physician.

It’s the first step in applying for a medical marijuana card in Missouri.

But, if you’re like most people, you’ve probably put off getting your card to avoid  a trip to the doctor, or your doctor is unable to write certifications.  That’s where Marijuana Card Clinic comes in!  Schedule an appointment with us and you are well on your way.

Choose an in-person visit or telemedicine!

In the time it takes to watch your favorite show, you can receive physician certification for medical marijuana.

And you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Get certified and you’re on your way to legally…

Possess and consume marijuana
Grow for your own consumption (additional license required)
Use up to 4 oz per month
 Purchase from any licensed dispensary in Missouri

How It Works

Make an Appointment

Schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with our clinic.

Get Certified

After being qualified by one of our physicians, the required Physicians Certification Form will be submitted to the state.

Apply for Your Card

Complete the application on the Missouri DHSS website (Marijuana Card Clinic can help!) and receive your card within 30 days!


Get Your Physician Certification for Only $99

Over 187,000 citizens are now legal patients in Missouri.

So what are you waiting for?

Get Certified!

Marijuana Card Clinic Doctors – Qualified and Trusted Experts

Marijuana Card Clinic exists to provide high-quality cannabis-based health and wellness solutions. We make getting your medical marijuana card in Missouri quick and easy. We strongly believe that no patient should be denied the medicine they require. Our doctors are ready to help you access marijuana legally as a medical marijuana patient in Missouri. Marijuana Card Clinic’s staff will assist you throughout the process of receiving your Missouri medical marijuana card.

How To Get Your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card

Step 1: Book An Appointment

Schedule an appointment with Marijuana Card Clinic by scheduling online, or call us at 573-326-4496.  We will send electronic paperwork to complete before your appointment and information on how to connect for your telemedicine appointment with one of our doctors, or directions to our clinics in Columbia if you prefer an in-person appointment.

Step 2: Get Evaluated and Certified

Your appointment will last 5-10 stress-free minutes at which time you will review your medical history with one of our doctors.  If our doctor finds you qualify for medical marijuana according to Missouri guidelines, a certification form will be submitted to the state.

Step 3: Submit Your Application to the State

Register on the state’s website so they can process the paperwork and issue your medical marijuana card.  Marijuana Card Clinic can assist with this process for an additional fee, or you may register on your own.  Once you have your card in hand, you can start purchasing from Missouri dispensaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a diagnosis of one of the qualifying conditions as determined by the state of Missouri.  You must be 18 years of age and a legal resident of Missouri.  Minors may apply with written consent from a parent or guardian, and the parent or guardian is required to obtain a caregiver card for the minor patient.

Marijuana Card Clinic has a staff of doctors ready to qualify patients who meet the criteria set forth by the state of Missouri.  Call us at 573-326-4496 or schedule online.

Medical marijuana is available in Missouri at over 120 licensed dispensaries, with more to come!  A state issued card is required in order to purchase.

Patients with a medical marijuana card may grow after obtaining an additional cultivation license issued by the state, or a caregiver may be designated so that another person may grow for the patient.  Only the qualified patient can legally consume products of their assigned plants.

Unfortunately, we can not give a yes or no answer.  We highly recommend that you check with your PO before scheduling an appointment.

A medical marijuana card does NOT provide job protection under Missouri regulations.  Please check with your employer before scheduling an appointment.

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